From an early age I developed a passion for the outdoors and as I grew up I also became interested in design and photography so for me Landscape Photography became a natural synergy of the two.

Nature is the ultimate designer, the master photographer, everything is there for a reason, every colour, contour and shape. As we look, we learn.

The more we understand and immerse ourselves in the landscape and beauty that surrounds us the more we learn about ourselves and our purpose. Capturing those special fleeting moments has become a passion for me. I happen to use a camera, but had I been skilled enough I would be equally happy to use a paint brush. It’s about those brief few seconds when all of the elements of nature come together, the light, the lines and the magic.

As a visual person I find it very difficult to express in words what taking photographs means to me. How do you describe a passion, a feeling, a sense of calmness ones feels when standing in a landscape? For me it’s in an image, for others, words or sounds but all strive to encapsulate that moment in time, to lock it in to your memory. My images are my way of sharing those moments with you.

I prefer not to be known as a Photographer but an Image Maker. I visualise an image and I use a camera to capture it.

We all live in a landscape, be it rural, urban or industrial and our environment dictates how we live and how we feel and how we behave towards one another. It’s something we have to learn to embrace, to nurture and to care for as ultimately it’s ambiguous.

In the words of Sir Paul Smith “you can find inspiration in everything, and if you can’t, look again”.

I hope you enjoy my images and I hope they evoke an emotional response in you, good or bad, your heart will decide.

I would love to hear from anyone that feels the need to share a conversation with me or offer comments about my work. I am also available on a one to one basis for personal tuition, outdoor workshops or commissions so please feel free to contact me via the contacts page.